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13 June 2018

The IATF has approved a revision to the IATF Transition Strategy, Revision 6, dated 13th June 2018. The sixth revision of the Transition Strategy incorporates modifications to FAQ number 2 (see page 14 of the Transition Strategy – see red text) that allows organizations to transfer under special circumstances to a new IATF-recognized certification body.

29 May 2018

The IATF has revised the New Auditor training and evaluation process effective 1st June, 2018. Phase 1 changes are detailed in CB Communique 2018-003 below.

22 May 2018

IATF Transfer Requirements for clients certified to ISO/TS 16949 or IATF 16949 by Vinçotte NV

The contract between the former IATF-recognized certification body Vinçotte NV and the IATF (International Automotive Task Force) was terminated effective 1 May 2018.

In the document below, clients will find a set of requirements and special waivers that were approved by the IATF to minimize the impact and assist clients that intend to maintain an IATF-recognized IATF 16949 certification by an IATF-recognized certification body.

22 March 2018

The IATF conducted a Stakeholder Event in London, UK on 7 March 2018.  A number of certified organizations and Certification Bodies participated.  The objective was to gauge initial feedback on the status of the IATF 16949 transition process.  The presentations and supporting material from the event are available for download.  Please click on the links below to view.

  1. London IATF Stakeholder Event – Introduction
  2. London IATF Stakeholder Event – Transition Update
  3. London IATF Stakeholder Event – BMW Group update
  4. London IATF Stakeholder Event – Systematic Review Team process
  5. London IATF Stakeholder Event – Transition Survey Feedback
  6. Ford Letter – Reporting of IATF 16949 Transition Audit Status
  7. FCA Reminder Letter

20 December 2017

On 21st December 2017, the IATF will release revised training modules on the IATF ADP site (GM OEM Scorecard training, including a GM OEM Scorecard quiz module, and the NC Management training module).  These modules will be available at no cost (free) to all active auditors, free ticket candidates, and 3-NE new auditor candidates.  Deadlines are defined in the link below –  CB Communique 2017-012, along with available CPD approved hours.

CB Communique 2017-012 – Updated GM OEM Scorecard Training and Quiz Modules and NC Management Training Module