IATF CB Communiqués

Only the CB Communiqués listed below remain active.

Year-Number Subject Status
2017-003 Rules 5th Edition Sanctioned Interpretations #1 (SIs) Active
2017-002 Enhanced IATF Certification Body Performance Metrics System Confidential
2017-001 IATF Stakeholder Meeting Oberursel Germany Confidential
2016-009 IATF ADP Entry and Training New Auditor Candidates Active
2016-008 Rules 4th Edition Sanctioned Interpretations #14 (SIs) Active
2016-007 Mandatory OEM Scorecard Training and Testing Requirements for IATF ADP - BMW Active
2016-006 ADP Training and Testing for 3rd party ISO/TS 16949 auditors Active
2016-005 Entry of New Auditor candidates to IATF ADP Active
2016-004 Temporary Suspension of the IATF ADP Requalification Process Active
2015-007 ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certificate Expiry Date Active
2014-004 Clients not meeting the eligibility for certification to ISO/TS 16949 Active
2013-009 ISO/TS 16949 Annual Auditor Registration & Renewal Process with CCAA Active
2012-005 ADP Payment and Annual Fee Process Active
2012-003 CB Resource Needs Active
2011-002 Rules 3rd 4.1 Veto power qualification Confidential
2010-012 Rev 1 Certification Body Suspension Process revised June 2011 Confidential