IATF Transition Strategy

The IATF 16949 Transition Strategy has been updated 14 October 2017 (Rev 4) to incorporate changes based on feedback received from the September IATF 16949 Stakeholder Conference:

  • allowable timing for surveillance and recertification audits to remove the requirement for the audits to be conducted only within -1 month, -2 months and -3 months (see page 6);
  • clarify how to handle situations where the organization fails to conduct a transition audit on time (see page 6 and 7);
  • clarify the off-site documentation review requirements and that the audit planning shall determination sufficient readiness to proceed with a transition audit (page 8);
  • added new option E for situations where an organization had their certificate withdrawn (or the certificate expired) due to failure to implement corrective action (see page 13);
  • added new FAQ no. 19 (see page 18);
  • add deviations for the Internal Witness Audit requirements during the transition period (see page 19).

IATF 16949 Transition Strategy and Requirements REV04