25 October 2019

The IATF conducted a Stakeholder Event in Enghien-Les-Bains, France on 16 October 2019.  A number of certified organizations and Certification Bodies participated. The objective was to inform the suppliers and certification bodies about some of the upcoming projects and the IATF Vision and Strategy initiatives, including CARA (common audit report application), non-conformity management (top NCs), the Data Analytics pilot that some IATF OEMs and some Oversight Offices are testing.  All supporting the overall theme of the Stakeholder event, which was certification must equal product quality.  The presentations from the event are available for download.  Please click the links below to view.

  1. Paris IATF Stakeholder Event – IATF Vision and Strategy
  2. Paris Stakeholder Event – Introduction – Certification Must Equal Product Quality
  3. Paris Stakeholder Event – Software in Automotive
  4. Paris IATF Stakeholder Event – Data Analytics – CB Breakout
  5. Paris IATF Stakeholder Event – IATF CARA Project – CB Breakout
  6. Paris IATF Stakeholder Event – NC Mgmt – Supplier Breakout
  7. Paris IATF Stakeholder Event – Data Analytics – Supplier Breakout