18 February 2022

The IATF has published Stakeholder Communique SC-2022-002 – Use of Authorized Versions of IATF Publications.  This communique emphasizes the importance of using authorized IATF publications, including translations, and states where to find the authorized documents.   Please see below link to IATF Stakeholder Communique SC-2022-002.

IATF Stakeholder Communique 2022-002 – Use of Authorized Publications_Feb2022

Volkswagen Group have also updated their Customer Specific Requirements.  The primary changes include:

  • Updated name for the Product Conformity Safety Representative (
  • Several updated chapter numbers for Formel-Q-konkret references throughout the CSRs
  • Additional layout requirements for D/TLD products (8.6.2)
  • Eliminated CSRs for clauses 8.6.5 (statutory and regulatory conformity) and (Nonconforming product disposition)
  • Added requirement for software development capability assessment (

Volkswagen Group – Customer Specific Requirements – March 2022